Why are we called Tomorrow?

Tomorrow is a response to the status quo, to the phrase ” this is how we have always done it”, to the traditional consultancy approach of “As is – to be”, and a response to the answers we can´t deliver today. We believe we can solve the challenges of today with a positive and creative mindset, tomorrow.

Tomorrow possesses an extremely diverse and elastic set of skills; operates on a progressive and entrepreneurial business model; focuses on creating business solutions; and lastly, has broken down traditional silos through a single bottom line – so as opposed to the status quo, consultancies and agencies of specialty service providers, we can offer our partners solutions that are untainted by financial bias.

Why don´t we sell time?

Since our founding, we have never done a time sheet. We do not believe in the practice of selling time. At best, selling time is a commoditizing force that encourages agencies to staff more and take longer to deliver – at worst, selling time is selling a lie.At Tomorrow we sell the value of our output.

Some ask how do you do this? How do you prove value?

The answer is simple: You deliver more value than you are getting paid and you back the quality of your ideas in the marketplace with performance bonuses. That places all the pressure on us, but we like pressure, and even more we like the honesty and simplicity of willing buyer and willing seller. This approach fosters an internal culture that values doing what is right for the business. A culture that hunts for the best solution and focuses on delivering a result vs. delivering a service.

What makes Tomorrow different from a traditional agency or consultancy?

The typical consultancy views a client’s needs through the lens of its own core capabilities and fixed resources. As a result, despite the complexity and diversity of the client’s problems, the consultancy invariably arrives at the same solution.

This shouldn’t be a surprise, since, from the consultancy’s point-of-view, the client “must” solve the problem the same way the consultancy use to do it,  because that is the service the consultancy is designed to provide and the one that affords it the greatest profit.

At Tomorrow, we’re not ideologically or infrastructurally compelled to a specific solution, because our business model permits us to manifest our capabilities and choose our resources through the lens of the business issue or opportunity.